I Read Comics, and also like Gagging Blowjobs.

I’ve just found a jolly useful button in my blog profile page that lets me have a look and see what people type in to google or yahoo to find my blog. The results have been rather illuminating.

Search Views
pussys 2
https://georgescomicbox.wordpress.com/201 1
palmiotti 1
reading comics is tedious 1
comic soapbox 1
comic blogs 1
http://www.georgescomicbox.wordpress.co.uk 1
toby pennington illustrator 1
toby pennington illustration 1
gagging blowjobs and anal fucking 1
“i read comics” pose 1
achewood chatsack is real 1
chinook helicopter crash 1
“i read comics and you should too” 1
dirty little secret comic 1
comic you should read 1
comic “my first time “ 1
vicente alcazar 1

I’ve no idea how ‘Chinnok helicopter crash’ links to a blog about drunk cartoon cats. 

But I do like how people who search for ‘gagging blowjobs and anal fucking’ are also into Marvel comics.

You better believe it ladies!

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